The Curious Miss Fortune Book Cover by Tina-Marie Miller

The Curious Miss Fortune

The Curious Miss Fortune Book Cover

There's great excitement as the Hampton Players gather to begin rehearsals on their annual am dram. However, it's not long before the cast begin to make a connection between the fictional storylines and coincidental occurrences in their villages leaving them fearful that a murder is about to take place.

Tiggy Lawrence is devastated to learn her father is terminally ill. As she returns to the family home after a nine year absence she's fearful of a run in not just with step monster Bobbie but also ex fiancé Patrick.

Aster Maxwell is a successful maxillofacial surgeon who is hungry for success. Desperate to maximise his specialisation by opening his own private clinic, will he stop at nothing to get what he wants?

Diana Fortune's forgotten past could be her strength when she auditions for the Hampton Players. Only it's a dark and stormy night as she makes her entrance. Has Miss Fortune finally arrived?

Drama finds itself back in the Hamptons as Poppy and Richard Hambly-Jones make an appearance as they prepare to host the Autumn Ball. Expect the unexpected!

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'The author has an incredibly inviting inner voice captured within a wonderful writing style.'

'The author has great insight into village life which is convincing and authentic.'

'As with the prequel, 'Everything Happens for a Reason', author Tina-Marie Miller diligently weaves a love-tangled web.'

'The characters, throughout, are deftly realised and so it became really easy to screen the movie in my mind.'

'The book has a winsome personality all of its own, its characters redolent of people we've all met at various points in our own lives.'

'So many wonderful and colourful characters, with many twists and turns which keep you captivated right up until the end.'

'Anyone who likes a good mystery with a little wit thrown in will appreciate this book and the way the story unfolds.'

'All the twists, turns and mysteries in the village affairs were so carefully revealed that kept my whole attention.'

'Miller writes with so much personality it is impossible not fall in love with her characters. or be intrigued by the thread of mystery and suspenseful romance that keeps you turning pages to the very end.'

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