Novels by the author Tina-Marie Miller

Novels By Tina-Marie Miller

I'm pleased to tell you that my second novel is about to be released during October 2017, with more in the pipeline so please do keep an eye out for more information.

I hope to release an interactive map of the Hamptons soon where you will be able to follow the lives of the local residents and see who lives where and pick up hints about future storylines!

Everything Happens For A Reason Book CoverEverything Happens For A Reason
Shaken from the sudden death of her mother, Poppy Jackson’s only light amidst all the darkness is the prospect of embarking on an exciting new career with major investment stockbrokers Hawkins, Munroe and Sable, working as PA to the... find out more about Tina-Marie's novel 'Everything Happens For A Reason'

If you would like to purchase a copy, either on Kindle or in print, you can buy 'Everything Happens for a Reason' by Tina-Marie Miller on Amazon.

The Curious Miss Fortune Book CoverThe Curious Miss Fortune
There's great excitement as the Hampton Players gather to begin rehearsals on their annual am dram. However, it's not long before the cast begin to make a connection between the fictional storylines and coincidental occurrences... find out more about Tina-Marie's novel 'The Curious Miss Fortune'