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Interviews and reviews



Everything Happens for a Reason

'This book is special. A well earned five stars, and I look forward to reading more from this talented author.'

'The intricacies of the plot are perfectly timed, and the characters thoroughly engaging and real.'

'I have to confess the story had me in tears on many occasions. Poppy is a sweet, clever and incredibly strong main character and I found myself praying for her happy ending.'

'Author Tina-Marie Miller draws us into a corporate world of stockbroking firms, gala dinners and secret infatuations. There is a charming, romantic innocence about the book.'

'A beautifully crafted novel and a startling debut…I loved every chapter...'

'A fun, easy to read book with a great pace and lots of meanders which propelled the story forward and kept me absorbed...'

'This book is beautifully written, with a great storyline that keeps the reader engaged.'

'A heartwarming tale with enchanting characters--a great read indeed! I'll be back for more in this series, that's the Hamptons!'

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The Curious Miss Fortune

'The author has an incredibly inviting inner voice captured within a wonderful writing style.'

'The author has great insight into village life which is convincing and authentic.'

'As with the prequel, 'Everything Happens for a Reason', author Tina-Marie Miller diligently weaves a love-tangled web.'

'The characters, throughout, are deftly realised and so it became really easy to screen the movie in my mind.'

'The book has a winsome personality all of its own, its characters redolent of people we've all met at various points in our own lives.'

'So many wonderful and colourful characters, with many twists and turns which keep you captivated right up until the end.'

'Anyone who likes a good mystery with a little wit thrown in will appreciate this book and the way the story unfolds.'

'All the twists, turns and mysteries in the village affairs were so carefully revealed that kept my whole attention.'

'Miller writes with so much personality it is impossible not fall in love with her characters. or be intrigued by the thread of mystery and suspenseful romance that keeps you turning pages to the very end.'

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Fame and Fortune

'Author Tina-Marie Miller eased me straight back into the comforting embrace of this rural idyll, where I received resident characters, such as Poppy Hambly-Jones, as if they were old friends.'

'Miller's energetic writing style drove things along at a brisk pace and the story was a joy from intriguing start to cliff-hanger finish.'

'Love, danger and mystery, this book has it all.'

'Author Miller does a masterful job weaving this tale intricately back and forth between the families and inhabitants of the Hamptons, pulling at your heart strings one minute and sending chills down your spine the next.'

'The realistic scenes are believable, the painful pasts are heart-wrenching, and the struggles, fear, and losses are throbbing.'

'FAME and FORTUNE is full of twists and unexpected turns with a surprise finish they even I didn't see coming!'

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