Tina-Marie Miller

Audiobooks are the perfect summer companion!

 11 July 2022 by Tina-Marie Miller

Audiobooks from Tina-Marie Miller 

Listen at the beach, or sit outside in the beautiful sunshine and enjoy a story with glass of something delicious!

Listening to stories is a great way to pass the time for readers of all ages.

Discover the talented Tara-Louise Kaye

The Hamptons Series is narrated by the amazing voice actor, Tara-Louise Kaye whose voice is a perfect match for these intriguing tales set against the alluring Cotswolds countryside.

Everything Happens For A Reason

A gorgeously heart-warming, feel good romantic love story.

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The Curious Miss Fortune

Feel good, sassy women’s fiction.

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Fame and Fortune

Fame and Fortune is filled with Precious Times! 

Edge-of-the-seat mysterious and uplifting cosy women’s fiction.

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Whatever you're up to this summer - I hope it's filled with an abundance of laughter and love - enjoy!

Much love,

Tina-Marie xoxo