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Eavesdroppers NEVER hear any good of themselves...

 26 March 2022 by Tina-Marie Miller

Fame and Fortune - where village life is far from ordinary!

My Hamptons series offers so much more than just a village affair! Set against the beguiling Cotswolds countryside, this series offers an intoxicating blend of intrigue and romantic shenanigans.

In the third instalment, Fame and Fortune we meet Sadie.

All Sadie wants to do is eat her troubles away until she overhears her so-called friends mocking her for being overweight. Will Sadie have the last laugh?

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'The next morning, renewed with a sense of determination, Sadie set off for work earlier than usual, leaving Jen and Merv snoring in the land of nod after enjoying yet another late night out on the town. She smiled as she went. Today is the start of a new life.

Having worked for Roberts, Lewis & Hughes steelworks since she left school – and achieving a promotion to Senior Secretary a few years ago – she’d recently applied for the position of PA to Emlyn Lewis, one of the founding members and CEO, as his current PA Stella Briggs was leaving to pursue a career in Australia. Sadie truly believed that not only would this finally impress her mother and give her something to be proud of, but that it would also give her just the incentive she needed to embark on a proper weight loss program, especially with all the extra travel the new position involved – meaning time away from Jen, and therefore temptation.

Imbued with self-confidence she headed to her office, certain she’d secure the promotion that day. She was, after all, the most experienced of all the other candidates by far.

Stopping off at the ladies restroom, she’d just taken herself into one of the cubicles when she was alerted to the sound of the main door opening, immediately followed by two familiar voices. She smiled to herself, recognising the voices of her friends, and was just about to shout out a cheeky greeting when their words stopped her dead in her tracks.

‘So, is Emlyn telling her today then, Stella, or what?’

‘Yes, I told you – it’ll all be signed and sealed by the end of the day, don’t you worry. It’ll be after his lunch meeting, though. He said he’ll need a pint or two before dealing with that lard arse!’ They fell about laughing whilst touching up their make-up, oblivious to anyone else that might be there. ‘It’s bad enough having to cope with the smell, Chlo, but the size of it! I mean, how could she ever think she’s PA material, looking like that?’ They were giggling like silly schoolgirls now.

‘Minging is what it is, Stella – minging, I tell you. Me and the rest of the girls are all sick of it too.’

‘Well, with any luck, Chlo, she’ll take the hint and leave! We can’t sack her, after all, but who wants people like her working for ‘em, eh?’

With that they left the toilet, shrieking with more laughter along the way.

Sadie felt sick to her stomach. Her face was wet with involuntary tears, which were still streaming down her face. She realised that she’d been holding her breath the whole time her ‘friends’ had been in the toilets. Chloe Thomas has only been with the company a year and a bit; I’ve worked here for over nine! But Sadie also knew that not only was Chloe bright and bubbly; she was also keen to get ahead. She’s also petite, blonde, and beautiful – something I’ll never be.

Or so she thought.'

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Feel good fiction about weight loss transformation and overcoming bullying.

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