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 24 September 2021 by Tina-Marie Miller

Fire up your imagination with a trip to the glorious Cotswolds from the comfort of your own home! My Hamptons series will certainly keep you entertained.

Everything Happens For A Reason

'...a roller coaster ride of hardship, joy and grief awaits Poppy on her journey.'

Begin your journey with a heart-warming, feel good romance as the first book in my Hamptons series follows Poppy’s journey of love and loss as she jumps from one tragedy to another.

This tale will pull at your heart strings one moment and leave you gasping in surprise the next! It's certainly not a typical ‘boy meets girl – falls in love - lives happily ever after’ type of romance! There are plenty of moments that will cause your heart to swell!

The Curious Miss Fortune

'The life in the Hamptons village runs parallel with the theatre piece’s plot in weird and wonderful ways, and Tina-Marie Miller weaves the strains together into a wonderful piece of women’s fiction.'

When Tiggy returns home after a nine-year absence she hopes to lay the demons from her past to rest. With trepidation she steps across the threshold to her family home, Riverside Hall. Will they welcome her with open arms? Fortunately, Aster Maxwell presents a welcome distraction – much to the disappointment of her childhood sweetheart. But is this sophisticated charmer too good to be true?

Fame and Fortune

'Ms Miller knows how to deliver a stirring tale and mix in questions of humanity and tolerance, as well as bullying and forgiveness.'

This third book in the Hamptons series introduces the glamorous Georgina Fame!

When the renowned weight loss guru Georgina Fame makes her glittering entrance in the Hamptons, she unwittingly ruffles more than a few feathers. But behind all the glamour lies a dark secret. How will an encounter with the past shake Georgina’s carefully built confidence?

Find out for yourself!

Phew! What a journey - and so worth the trip!

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Enjoy your escape!

Tina-Marie xoxo