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Eavesdroppers NEVER hear any good of themselves - do they...

 08 August 2021 by Tina-Marie Miller

Fame and Fortune - where village life is far from ordinary!

My Hamptons Chronicles offer so much more than just a village affair! Set against the beguiling Cotswold countryside, this series offers an intoxicating blend of intrigue and romantic shenanigans.

In the third installment, Fame and Fortune deals with several hard-hitting storylines such as ghosting, domestic violence and addiction.

In this blog post I'd like to introduce you to Sadie. There's a saying that eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves - but for Sadie, it might just have saved her life...

Read an excerpt from the novel readers describe as 'Troubled waters stir up dangerous emotions...' and 'Secrets, greed, lies, seduction and glamour abounds...'

Sadie sighed despairingly as she sat on the floor, her back against the door. She liked the firmness of the wood; it made her feel grounded. ‘Why do things have to change?’ she asked herself, thumping her legs angrily. When it didn’t hurt enough, she thumped them again and again until the pain brought tears to her eyes, making her sob. She sobbed for the loss of the beloved cows that she used to help feed and milk every day; she sobbed for the loss of love that had disappeared from the house since the sickness began; but most of all she sobbed because she felt so alone and scared and didn’t know what the future held for them anymore. She was only eight, after all.

Pulling the sleeves of her grey cardigan over her hands, she wiped away her tears. Then, spotting the half-eaten packet of biscuits, she reached out for another one. ‘Well, at least I’ve got you,’ she said, smiling to herself as she enjoyed the satisfying crunch of the shortcake biscuit followed by the sweet sugary cream inside. ‘I wonder what Mum’s got for dinner...’


Read it for yourself!

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