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​Fame and Fortune welcomes Daz Rice!

 14 April 2021 by Tina-Marie Miller

Fame and Fortune welcomes Daz Rice!

I’m shining the spotlight on my third novel, FAME AND FORTUNE this April and in today’s blog post I’m delighted to welcome the recording artist, Daz Rice and share an exclusive interview with him just for you!

Fame and Fortune + Daz Rice = ???

You may be curious as to how Daz and his music are related to my novel, Fame and Fortune.

When I created a sub plot in this story, I wanted to include a song. Having come across Daz's debut album, ‘Precious Times’ - and listening to it over and over again - I was immediately hooked! And what better way to support another indie artist!

I was delighted when Daz gave permission for me to include him and his song in this novel! Intrigued? Get your copy today!

Daz Rice – Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Recording Artist

You may be fascinated to learn that Daz Rice was the Lead Guitarist from the 90s band ‘Kiss of the Gypsy’ who were managed by Jethro Tulls drummer, Barriemore Barlow.

The band secured their first major record deal with Atlantic Records New York state of America and in 1992 released their debut album ‘Kiss of the Gypsy.’ Like most bands they ended up going their separate ways and found their feet in other walks of life.

Daz has always been influenced with Americana music combining Country-Folk Rock-Blues & Roots and finished recording his long awaited Americana debut solo album ‘Precious Times’ in April 2018.

Let’s find out more about this talented musician and his music!

Welcome Daz and thank you for taking the time to join me on my blog. We’re all keen to learn more about you and your music so I’m going to jump right in with the first question...

What age were you when you first became interested in music and what was the first instrument you played?

Before I became interested in music, I started to learn to play the guitar at the age of three. I remember using a small, three quarter size guitar with nylon strings that was kept in my dad‘s wardrobe. Somehow I managed to make some tunes from it. I don’t remember actually tuning it up, I just worked out what notes sounded nice to my ears!

I played my first concert when I turned six; it was my birthday and the school asked me to play some tunes in the school assembly room in front of all the children and parents gathered there. I can still remember it to this day, in fact I actually thought I was nine because from my perspective, when I looked down at my birthday badge I saw the number 9. It was only when I took the badge off the next day that really I understood..!

The music I remember listening to for the first time were the albums that my parents played around then... Elvis Presley.

Being part of Kiss of the Gypsy as Lead Guitarist must have been an incredible experience! What are your favourite and least favourite venues that you've performed at?

Being the lead guitarist in the band Kiss of the Gypsy was an amazing experience, especially having Barrymore Barlow (drummer from the well known band Jethro Tull) as our band manager. My favourite venues that stick in my mind that we played at included The London Apollo, London Astoria, London Marquee, Manchester Apollo, Town and Country Club as well as Barrowlands in Scotland and Birmingham NEC for the sheer size of the venue. Most of the venues that we played have changed names since then; some are closed and some sadly knocked down.

Tell me about the creative process behind your debut album 'Precious Times.' Do you have a favourite song from the album and if so, which one?

Before I started recording my album I had about twenty songs to choose from. I played them live to see which got the best reaction and feedback. This helped me pick the final ten that ended up on the album. Because I was working six days a week and two nights with the band at the weekend, I found it very difficult to find time to record so I recorded and mixed at night time after work. Even after gigging I would record or mix from 2am till 6am; on some occasions when editing and mixing I’d fall asleep being so tired. Sunday was when I recorded vocals and guitar - anything loud. It took just over a year to complete.

All the songs on the album mean a great deal to me, reflecting my own experiences though not always directly. If I had to choose my favourite song on the album I think it has to be ‘Precious Times’ and the longest version which is just short of seven minutes.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Surprisingly I don’t sing in the shower! I whistle, which annoys my wife immensely. Being superstitious she says by whistling I’m disturbing the quiet of the night and thus bringing danger to myself!

If you were an instrument, what would you be and why?

If I was to be any instrument I think I would like to be a grand piano. When played it can show so much expression, diversity, mood and colour.

Wow! You have certainly enjoyed an exciting career to date, and your hard work is deservedly paying off. Thank you for taking the time to participate on my blog, I really appreciate it and wish you much success with ‘Precious Times’ and your future endeavours.

Fame and Fortune is filled with ‘Precious Times!’

As you can imagine, I totally danced in the aisles when Daz gave his permission for me to include him and his song, Emily’s Child in my novel, Fame and Fortune. It being a unique experience for us both!

...and there's more!

The exciting news is that Daz has also agreed for me to feature him and his music in my next book too! Look out for more details of this exciting collaboration coming soon!


You can find out more about Daz and purchase a copy of his album 'Precious Times' from his website.

Listen for yourself!

From the debut album, Precious Times, Performed, written and recorded by Daz Rice:

Precious Times and Emily’s Child 

Get Fame and Fortune for yourself today!

Delve into this novel that readers describe as

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"...a joy from intriguing start to cliff-hanger finish."

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