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April showers bring May flowers!

 11 April 2021 by Tina-Marie Miller

I'm showering April with FAME AND FORTUNE!

This April I’m shining the spotlight on my third novel, FAME AND FORTUNE.

This second blog post introduces some of the main characters and looks at the subject of Ghosting!

Cushions at the ready!

Fame and Fortune - where village life is far from ordinary!

Set against the glorious Cotswold countryside, this next instalment in my Hamptons Chronicles offers an intoxicating blend of intrigue, romance and sexual shenanigans – which will remind you of people that you know! It’s a fast-paced, humorous cozy mystery with surprising plot twists that will leave you gasping!

Let’s get to know some of the characters

We welcome the popular weight loss guru Georgina FAME to the Hamptons who makes her glittering entrance at village favourites Poppy and Richard Hambly-Joneses' dinner.

This glamour puss has a colourful history and when she organises a week’s retreat to the beguiling Cornish village of Fowey, how will an encounter with the past shake her carefully built confidence?

“Miller’s buoyant writing style perfectly suits the ebullient mood of the book and one of the scenes, where Poppy is discussing preparations for an important shindig with a monosyllabic agency chef, had me chuckling and cringing all at the same time!”

Diana Fortune is back and leads a merry dance (troupe)!

Having become quite the celebrity, Diana FORTUNE puts the newly formed Fortunettes through their paces in preparation for the Cotswolds County Majorette of the Year competition with the assistance of the popular soap actress Camilla Barrington-Smythe. However, when fame hungry Camilla doesn’t receive the recognition she deserves, she loses focus with disastrous consequences...

“Another wonderful venture into the world of The Hamptons, and one I highly recommend. As ever, Tina-Marie Miller delivers intrigue, mystery, romance and more with her wide range of believable, 3D characters set in a typical English village.”

The doctor will see you now...

New doctor Pradeep Chandola is given a mixed reception when he moves into the village together with his wife Esha and baby Salena and is keen to become a valued member of the community. However, some of the residents are not so welcoming but Pradeep is oblivious, he's got his own issues to worry about...

“The issues of financial problems, bullying, and racism will capture readers’ minds as they move smoothly throughout the story.”

A village romp with scandal aplenty!

PC Laura Benjamin has a new man in her life – and it suits her!

Charlotte Palmer-Reid has a new man in her life – only she doesn’t want anyone to know about it!

Jonathan Palmer-Reid has a new woman in his life – only they are not having an affair!

“Miller does a masterful job weaving this tale intricately back and forth between the families and inhabitants of the Hamptons, pulling at your heart strings one minute and sending chills down your spine the next.”

This humorous and fast-paced read will keep you guessing and entertained right up to the last page!

A cozy story with a twist (or three)!

If you’ve ever been subjected to Ghosting – or know someone who has – you’ll also be aware of how devastating the impact from this growing phenomenon can be.

Fame and Fortune delves into this storyline from differing perspectives

‘Without consciously choosing to, she found herself at the bus station, taking a seat on one of the metal benches just inside the ticket hall. As the rush hour had been and gone it was fairly quiet, presenting her with the ideal opportunity to try and clear her head...’

Newcomer Lucy Whittaker is shocked when her only child Ian suddenly announces that he’s off on an internship. When he goes completely off the radar, Lucy begins to fear that all is not as Ian has led her to believe...

‘Ian hadn’t arrived at Easter as promised – and she hadn’t heard a word from him either. There was no landline in the shared house he was renting and she didn’t have contact numbers for any of his friends – that’s if I can even remember their names.

She shook her head in despair. She’d telephoned the local hospitals and all the police stations around the area several times now, to ask if there had been any accidents – or, in particular, if a young male of 20 years had been brought in – but that had drawn a complete blank.’

Will there be a happy ending for these characters? Get your copy today.

Coming up!

In the next blog post I share an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from Fame and Fortune – just for you!


An insight into the talented recording artist Daz Rice and how his music is connected to the story!

You won't want to miss it!

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See you next time beautiful souls! Get your copy of Fame and Fotune today! Happy reading.

Much love,

Tina-Marie xoxo


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