Tina-Marie Miller

Curiosity is the lust of the mind

 03 April 2021 by Tina-Marie Miller

'Curiosity is the lust of the mind' - Thomas Hobbes

The Curious Miss Fortune...

...is the perfect mix of drama, romance and mystery.

Set in the beguiling Cotswolds, this light-hearted British cozy mystery will delight with its entertaining cast of humorous characters and surprising plot twists!

The story centres around The Hampton Players who begin rehearsals for their annual amateur dramatics production, The Curious Incident. There’s more than a few theatrics as the Hampton players begin rehearsals! The cast are soon to discover that as the fictional events unfold in the play, parallel events are also playing out in real life leaving them fearful that a murder is about to take place!

It’s no laughing matter when tragedy strikes in the Hamptons... has misfortune arrived?

Diana Fortune makes her dramatic entrance one dark and stormy night!  Diana's son - Aster Maxwell - is a successful maxillofacial surgeon who is hungry for success. Desperate to maximise his specialisation by opening his own private clinic, will he stop at nothing to get what he wants?

"Quirky characters, a great setting, a twisty plot and an unexpected ending. What more could a reader want?"

When Tiggy Lawrence returns home after a nine year absence she hopes to finally be able to lay the demons from her past to rest. Fortunately, Aster Maxwell presents a welcome distraction – much to the disappointment of her childhood sweetheart. But Aster has his heart set on Tiggy for other reasons...

Is there romance on the cards?

Bridget Rhodes-Brown is fed up! Having been made redundant she’s since found herself stuck at home with a husband whose eccentricity is off the scale! She jumps at the opportunity to create a script for the Hampton Players. Good job Christine Fox is on hand to offer help too.

There's plenty of drama - well, this is the Hamptons after all!

Poppy and Richard Hambly-Jones prepare to host the Autumn Ball. Expect the unexpected!

Satisfy your curiosity this April!

"Miller has romance in her DNA and love, in its many guises, is championed throughout her book."

"Romance and intrigue are fused together for this cosy mystery, with typical English village life as the backdrop for something a little more unusual."

"Anyone who likes a good mystery with a little wit thrown in will appreciate this book and the way the story unfolds."

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Happy reading.

Much love,

Tina-Marie xoxox