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Available from all good book stores...

 19 February 2021 by Tina-Marie Miller

Hello and welcome to my latest blog post; it's great to have you here!


Did you know...

...that you can purchase a copy of my books from any bookstore? It's true! AND you usually don't have to pay for delivery costs if you collect it direct from the store yourself! Woo hoo!


All you need to do is...

To order a copy of one - or several ;0) ! - of my books you just need to detail the book's ISBN.


The ISBN for each of my novel's are as follows:

9781999969509 Everything Happens For A Reason - currently priced at £5.50 / $6.50

9781999969547 The Curious Miss Fortune - currently priced at £7.50 / $13.35

9781999969585 Fame and Fortune - currently priced at £7.00 / $13.00

9781999969592 Millie's Boots - currently priced at £7.00 / $8.99

You can also purchase copies direct from me or via the Amazon site relevant to your country. Book costs are the same wherever you purchase them from; delivery costs may vary.


Ebooks and Kindle Unlimited

All the Ebook version of my books are 99p/99c - now that's a real treat!

WHAT'S EVEN BETTER is that you can currently read all my novels for FREE via Kindle Unlimited!

If you are not familiar with this service, Kindle Unlimited allows you to read as much as you want, and you can read on any device. To find out more about Kindle Unlimited and how it works, click here.


However you choose to buy your books...

...enjoy losing yourself within the pages. Happy reading.

Much love,

Tina-Marie xoxo