Everything Happens For A Reason Book Cover by Tina-Marie Miller

Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything Happens For A Reason Book Cover

Shaken from the sudden death of her mother, Poppy Jackson’s only light amidst all the darkness is the prospect of embarking on an exciting new career with major investment stockbrokers Hawkins, Munroe and Sable, working as PA to the amiable Greg Sable.

The company’s Annual Conference is a big deal in the stock broking world and though keen to impress, Poppy’s focus wavers at the appearance of the cheeky Oliver Sullivan. After a rocky start, an unexpected romance begins to bloom. Can their love overcome their conflicting backgrounds? And how will Poppy cope when tragedy strikes a second time?

Meanwhile, having made the shocking discovery of his real birth father’s identity, Richard Jones decides to earn the right to take control of the family business and not just because he’d inherited it. His mother, however, is growing increasingly frustrated at his refusal to step up. Itching to put her own plans into progress she increases the pressure, completely oblivious to the consequences.

Curl up and relax with this tale of love, loss and everything in between, and watch as the worlds of Poppy and Richard are drawn together in a twist of fate, proving that everything really does happen for a reason…

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